‘I Love Juice Bar’ “Juices” Up Their Menu


I would like to start off by saying I wish I could buy one of these delicious and healthy smoothies everyday.  When they first opened their doors to the community in late January, their menu was already pretty substantial.  They had everything from the classic Strawberry Banana to (one of my favorites) Blue Chocolatta.

When I came back to WVU for my junior year, I made it priority to stop there immediately!  I took a glance and realized the menu had grown much larger in size.  Yes you read that right, they added MORE!  They are now offering a PB&J smoothie, as well as two others called Orange You Smooth and Smooth Beet.  The item that got me the most excited was the Acai Bowl.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-10-37-pm  ‘I Love Juice Bar’ worker and WVU student Kailey Burrows says “I was ecstatic when we started offering the Acai Bowl, it’s so healthy but also such a treat!”

‘I Love Juice Bar’ goer and psychology major Emily Wurster says “Thank goodness they take meal swipes. I always get the Green Smoothie, but instead of the banana I get mango slices.” screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-33-28-pmWurster admits to driving from downtown to Evansdale Crossing at least three times a week for a smoothie.

Eric James, ‘I Love Juice Bar’ student worker, admits that ever since the new additions to the menu, they’ve been significantly busier.  “There are specific times throughout the day when we’re the most busy.  I’ve learned that by working here for just a month.”

‘I Love Juice Bar’ has also featured other new menu items such as power shots, essential oil shots, and monster shots. They recently started offering an array of juice cleanses as well.

To learn more about WVU’s ‘I Love Juice Bar’ visit it on the 5th floor of the Evansdale Crossing building.  Check out The DA’s take on the juice bar.


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