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A good nights sleep can be vital to a college students studies.  Without proper sleep a student can become grumpy, unmotivated, and forgetful.

Over the past couple years, West Virginia University has been working to grow their sleepWELL program.  They define sleep as a habit and say that “the difference between tossing and turning and a better night’s sleep is same time, same place, 8 hours.”

sleepWELL offers a variety of residence hall education programs and tabling opportunities.  The Sleep Habit Simulator and the Epworth Sleepiness Scale are just a few of the options listed.  They also stress the importance of sleep hygiene and offer a Sleep Hygiene Self-Assestment.

West Virginia University Medicine recently conducted a study on the effects of sleeping next to technology (most likely your cell phone).  They said factors such as text notifications and the light your phone puts off can disrupt a persons sleep.

The university has also been looking at the effects of waking up early has on students.  When it comes to middle schools and high schools, West Virginia University Medicine says they believe school should have a later start time because it is causing students to not get enough sleep.

One factor I believe really changed how well I slept was making sure I didn’t lay in bed all day.  Whether I was watching TV or doing homework, I found if I did these things in bed, I would have a harder time falling asleep that night.

As cliche as it may sound, make sure to always get 8 hours of sleep to insure you’ll be in tip-top shape the next morning.  For more information on topics such as sleep disorders, you can visit the WVUMedicine website.




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