Spin Your Way to Fit

I decided to start a new weekly series where I will post information, and feedback from the students and faculty about a different group exercise offered at the WVU Student Rec Center.  This weeks featured group exercise is spinning!  Spinning is pretty much a fancy word for biking. 1251682090_md

There are multiple spinning instructors and class times vary each month.  The hour-long class is fast paced, and will leave you dripping with sweat.  Hills, jumps, and flats are included to keep your heart rate high and the session intense.  This class doesn’t require headphones because music is played at full blast, keeping students focused and motivated.

Erin Thomas, sophomore and spin goer, jokes, “It’s nice not having to worry about your headphones falling out of your ears every two seconds, especially when you’re constantly moving.  The music is definitely one of the main reasons my legs stay moving the whole time too.”

Rohit Nezhad, spin instructor at WVU, has recently scheduled a special Bollywood themed spin class on October 7th at 5:30PM.  Those attending are encouraged to wear bright colors, fun patterns, and sequins!  Prizes will be rewarded to those with the best outfit!

Abby Beckham, spin class regular, says “They had an 80s themed spin class every Thursday this month where they played 80s music and had a bunch of colorful lights.  I can’t wait to see if the Bollywood theme will last all throughout October!”

Overall, spinning is great option for those interested in an intense cardiovascular workout.  Schedules are currently provided for the months of September and October.

You may also want to check out Zenergy Cycling, located in the Suncrest Towne Center.



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