Don’t Sweat It

With midterms approaching quickly, stress levels of students tend to rise.  Luckily, West Virginia University offers an array of information and workshops for those feelings overwhelmed.  1426699448_sm

The university offers a program located both online and in the CPASS building called chillWELL.  chillWELL was designed to beat stress in a healthy way to improve your quality of life.  They offer yoga and meditation sessions, along with a system called HeartMath that “focuses on teaching students to self-regulate emotions.”

As part of the Wellness Workshop Series, the Carruth Center will be offering a free workshop designed to help students manage their stress in a healthy, effective way.  The workshop is being held in the CPASS building, Room 101 on October 4th from 6:30PM-7:30PM. It is said that students will learn strategies to help control worry, relieve tension, and reduce the impact stress has on an individuals life. A schedule is posted online for the additional workshops being offered throughout the semester.

I recently found a few self-tests on wellWVU’s Anxiety and Depression page.  They make a note that the self-tests should not be taken in replacement of a real evaluation by a mental health professional.  Each test consists of a series of questions, ultimately to determine whether you “have” anxiety or need a mood boost.  aa0846be2ffb89ded32799351d1a3ce9

I would like to end this blog-a-day week post with a few ways others have learned to cope with their stress. I took to the streets (well the mountainlair) and asked a few people how they deal with being overwhelmed.  Emily Wurster, WVU Junior, admits that sometimes she just needs to take time for herself. “I love to light all the candles in my room and watch my favorite TV series.”  Others take a different approach like sophomore Taylor Harris who needs to visually see what assignments are due and when. “I take out my planner and write down everything I need to get done. Then just start from the top and make my way down!”Don’t be afraid to take advantage of all the programs and information WVU offers. Good luck on mid-terms!!



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