WELLWVU Thursday?

Did you know that every Thursday WELLwvu sets up a stand across from the mountainlair?  “We img_3535set up in front of the lair because that is where the majority of ‘traffic’ will be”, says WELLwvu rep Amanda Lacroix.  The stand includes a very intriguing spinning wheel, and did I mention prizes?? Oh yeah,  you will be rewarded a prize if you provide the correct answer to the question the wheel chose!! Lacroix jokes that people definitely approach the stand because of the wheel.

Obviously prizes are exciting and all, but the best part about the WELLwvu stand is the amount of knowledge standing behind it. The whole pop-up is filled with information along the sides about each program WELLwvu offers.  Any questions or interests you may have can easily be answered by one of the WELLwvu representatives.

Not only is the location one of the busiest in Morgantown, there are also several other stands set up to attract out-and-about students.  A group of diverse students work together to run a delicious taco stand that has everything from classic beef to chorizo and potato.  Make sure you get your taco early though because they tend to run out of the more popular combinations pretty quickly!

55dfd8d4c8b7d-imageAn older man runs what seems to be a small farmers market, displaying an array of colorful vegetables and fruits.

A young woman also sets up a freshly squeezed lemonade stand and believe me when I say it is DELICIOUS.

Each booth opens up every Thursday around 9AM and shuts down when students seem to be clearing out of the area around 4PM.  Events like this are what keep students involved with the West Virginia University community. To seek more of  WELLwvu you can follow @WELLWVU on Twitter.



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