Balance Your Way To Fit

With high levels of stress coursing through a college campus students may seek a way to release the built up tension.  Yoga is known for its stress relieving health-benefits, although many may not know that it can also create both a strong and flexible body.  Marisa Jaroszewski, yogi in screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-12-19-25-pmtraining, says, “It’s funny to see how you change in favor to what your body and lifestyle need. A few months ago I was focusing on shoulder stands, head stands, and strength poses. And looking back at that time in my life I needed more strength.”

Yoga is becoming more and more popular as research continues to show its countless health benefits.  Recent studies show that benefits of yoga can include anything from boosting your immunity to reducing food cravings.  Your body doesn’t only gain physical strength and flexibility, but you mentally become more aware of yourself. You can find more about The Science Behind Yoga on the Yoga Teacher Training Blog.

Many forms of yoga exist, which can cause confusion for any yoga beginner.  To minimize your options, ask yourself if you’re looking for a more intense workout or an outlet to relieve built up stress.  Don’t be afraid to try a few different classes to find what fits your goals the best.  Yoga Digest does a great job at explaining a few of the more popular styles of yoga.

West Virginia University offers two very different styles of yoga open for all students and faculty.  The first form of yoga offered is called power yoga.  Power yoga focuses on the combination of movement and breath.  “Students can expect a class that engages core muscles, challenges balance, and increases flexibility.”

The second style of yoga offered is known as restorative yoga.  Restorative yoga is one that will relax your body and help release built up tensions.  This class focuses on strengthening and stretching the body.

Class times and instructors vary month to month.  You can find the class schedule both online or on the bottom floor of the Student Rec Center.



One thought on “Balance Your Way To Fit

  1. jayrudolph says:

    My mom and sister just recently got really into yoga and have been praising it like a religion. I also have some friends who are guys who go to hot yoga and use it to sweat and lose weight/get cut. Not sure I will ever try it.


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