You Are Not Your Relationship

Eating a variety of good foods and exercising regularly are both important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, although many seem to forget that healthy relationships also play a huge roll in this as well.  According to a University of Buffalo study, for young people being introduced to adulthood, high-quality relationships are linked to better physical and mental health.

Throughout almost every college students career they experience both love and heartbreak, whether it be from a best friend or a significant other.  I think the problem with today’s relationships is that people are constantly looking for the thrill in life.  They look for someone they can party and then come home with, not someone who can hold a conversation without the help of alcohol or drugs.  People search for the person who can make them feel alive in that moment, but when the electricity fades… They’re left with nothing but a person they don’t know much about.

A Wall Street Journal study said that couples must have time apart to stay together.  The majority of couples that I am exposed to make it seem so dreadful to spend just a single day apart.  Not being able to spend a day without one another is a sign of distrust.  You’re in love, you want to hangout with them, but space away from your partner is healthy.  It allows you to have time to yourself, and lets you miss one another.

Your friends enter new relationships promising they won’t be that girl or boy who leaves you on the back burner; but for some reason, that’s normally what happens.  I get it, new relationships are exciting, but sometimes we have a tendency to allow them to consume everything we do.  Take time to hangout with your friends without your boyfriend or girlfriend; granted they are the ones who pick you up when you and your partner have a hiccup.  The Huffington Post made a wonderful article about “How to Keep Your Friends and Your Significant Other.”

West Virginia University recently had a wellness workshop, conducted by Ashley Kasardo, about how to navigate new relationships, breaking up in the world of technology, and how to cope.  Workshops on healthy relationships are put on by The Harrison County Healthy Relationship building program and sponsored by WVU Extension Service Families and Health.  Other workshops available are “Fire Love Languages”, “Stress Less with Mindfulness”, and “How Not to Marry a Jerk”.

Wellwvu also has a page on all types of relationships, whether it be on diversity, friendships, or life with a significant other.








One thought on “You Are Not Your Relationship

  1. jayrudolph says:

    I liked this post a lot. You always see in movies and TV shows sad break ups followed by large intakes of ice cream, wine and crying. I think that this post did a great job illustrating how not to end up like that and how to maintain a healthy relationship.


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