Self-Love Talk

self-loveA huge topic within the health and fitness world has been about self-love.  As important as it is to do your best to stay active and eat healthy, if you are not happy while doing so, you need to make a change.

Blogger Jay Fields believes we are all looking for “a true and whole experience of ourselves.” I too agree with this statement, but would also include that the time it takes for each person to reach this level of self-love will vary greatly.  Fields covers this topic by sharing her personal achievements and failures.  In one moving post she talks about the vulnerability of being happy and how she truly learned to love herself during the most hard times in her life.

Another blogger who touches on the subject of self-love is Julie Fagan, also known as Peanut Butter Fingers.  Fagan learned to love herslef through being a mother.  In a recent post about how to change the way you approach fitness, Fagan says that her body is much more than the way it looks on the outside.  She stays active and healthy so she can see her child grow up.  I find it amazing how many approaches people can take when talking about self-love and how to acquire it.

The last blogger I found is  Kate, author of Eat the Damn Cake.  Kate talks a lot about self-love and wishes that girls could “look in the mirror without having to prioritize their appearances.”  She believes the community has created the issue of people not being able to love themselves.  Whether it is an unrealistic bikini model, or what someone may think the “ideal” body should look like, she talks about it all. I personally agree with Kate completely.

The people we look up to are usually a depiction of “the perfect person.” We tend to say things like “I want to be just like them”, which is a very unrealistic goal. I believe we need to talk about things in a way where people can set realistic goals that will later lead to self-love. Accomplishing a goal can make you feel better about yourself, and give you the confidence to set a new one and go for it.



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